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Towson Maryland Features These Fine Restaurants Locals Say Are The Best

These Towson MD restaurants are going to impress, and you know that if you read about the others. You might see one on this list you want to eat at first, and as a matter of fact, Cafe Troia looks pretty good. It is on Allegheny Avenue, and you’re talking grilled calamari, crab cakes, chocolate flan and more. Now, that chocolate flan is enough to get me to stop by, but before you cut this list short, let’s get to some more restaurants.

Tark’s Grill & Bar is on West Joppa Road. The reviews do mention the place went through an ownership change, but that hasn’t evidently stopped it from being one of the best. Towson Diner on York Road is a great spot, and breakfast is what was shown in a picture on a top travel site, an omelet and home fries...

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Towson MD Restaurants That You Can Visit With Your Family

If you aren’t familiar with Towson, Maryland, the city is part of Baltimore County. It is a great place to visit, and there are approximately 130 restaurants there. As you get ready to enjoy Towson and everything it has to offer, you are going to be shown some of the top restaurants in the city. Let’s get started because your mouth is probably watering just thinking about them.

The first restaurant we are going to visit in Towson, Maryland is Bluestone Seafood Grill, which is located on Aylesbury Road. This restaurant serves up a creamy crab soup that plenty of the reviewers like. There is plenty of delicious seafood to try, including rockfish and then there are also hamburgers and much more. One other menu highlight is shrimp tacos.

The next restaurant in Towson, Maryland is going to be B...

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Top Towson Maryland Restaurants That You Might Enjoy

Towson, Maryland restaurants have been rather impressive so far, don’t you think? Let’s see which restaurants you want to go to first off of this next short list. All the shopping in Towson will keep you busy for sure, and then you are going to want to eat well. Cunningham’s looks like a good place. Let’s start there, as it is one of the top ten restaurants in Towson.

Cunningham’s is located at 1 Olympic Place, and it is known for delicious food and great service according to the reviews. People do say it can get a little loud there, so it sounds like a happening restaurant. You have to see what’s out there in Towson, so might as well give this popular place a shot.

The next featured restaurant is Nautilus Diner Incorporated, which is located on York Road...

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