Top Towson Maryland Restaurants That You Might Enjoy

Towson, Maryland restaurants have been rather impressive so far, don’t you think? Let’s see which restaurants you want to go to first off of this next short list. All the shopping in Towson will keep you busy for sure, and then you are going to want to eat well. Cunningham’s looks like a good place. Let’s start there, as it is one of the top ten restaurants in Towson.

Cunningham’s is located at 1 Olympic Place, and it is known for delicious food and great service according to the reviews. People do say it can get a little loud there, so it sounds like a happening restaurant. You have to see what’s out there in Towson, so might as well give this popular place a shot.

The next featured restaurant is Nautilus Diner Incorporated, which is located on York Road. First of all, the reviews mention that this restaurant features a huge menu. This is a good spot for breakfast. You might have breakfast available to you where you are staying, or you might not be up for breakfast. However, sometimes it pays to check out those cool breakfast spots when you are on vacation.