Towson MD Restaurants That You Can Visit With Your Family

If you aren’t familiar with Towson, Maryland, the city is part of Baltimore County. It is a great place to visit, and there are approximately 130 restaurants there. As you get ready to enjoy Towson and everything it has to offer, you are going to be shown some of the top restaurants in the city. Let’s get started because your mouth is probably watering just thinking about them.

The first restaurant we are going to visit in Towson, Maryland is Bluestone Seafood Grill, which is located on Aylesbury Road. This restaurant serves up a creamy crab soup that plenty of the reviewers like. There is plenty of delicious seafood to try, including rockfish and then there are also hamburgers and much more. One other menu highlight is shrimp tacos.

The next restaurant in Towson, Maryland is going to be Bread and Circuses, which is located on Delaware Avenue. Take you and your family to this restaurant to enjoy crab cakes, tenderloin and much more. According to the reviewers, the brunch menu is great. That is always nice to know about a restaurant when you are trying to find not just the best place to eat but the right restaurant for the right time.

Michael’s Cafe is on York Road, and there is an outside patio for a unique dining experience. The inside of this restaurant looks quite large according to a picture on a top travel site. Furthermore, while cafes have a certain appeal, the ambiance of this restaurant looks to be a bit different, very nice. You know a top rated Cafe is going to serve up some good food, so get ready to eat.

It is time to move on to the next restaurant, and it is Pasta Mista, located on Dulaney Valley Road. This restaurant serves up delicious pizza, hoagies, salads, pasta and more. Your little Italian eatery in Towson, Maryland awaits. Pasta Mista does allow for carryout orders, too, so that helps when it comes to grabbing a quick but much better pizza instead of carrying out from a chain restaurant.

We are going to take a look at one more restaurant in Towson, Maryland, and then it is time for you to eat. The restaurant is Corner Stable, and it is located on York Road. Corner Stable serves up ribs, fried chicken and so much more. You just can’t go wrong when it comes to good eats in Towson, Maryland, can you?